We specialize in the needs of small businesses and the home user by keeping both high quality and pricing in mind.

The I.T. Services that we offer are professional & reliable!

Expert firewall installation, computer repair, upgrades, backup services, data recovery, custom-built computer systems, and more! Offering I.T. Management and operations of systems in a shared computer environment, including software as a service,
platform as a service and infrastructure as a service.

First Choice Computers also offers custom-built computers that are designed to your specifications. Tell us what you need in a computer and we'll put it together! If you need advice as a first-time buyer, we'll be happy to help you. Need a part for your computer system? We can source all name brands.

Protect Your Valuable Data with Trusted Backup Services

In this digital era, our precious data has never been more vulnerable, whether it's accounting software data, payroll, or medical office files. The loss of such data can be devastating. That's why having a reliable and secure backup solution is crucial. Fortunately, remote cloud backup services provide an excellent solution to safeguard your data and give you peace of mind.

Why Choose Our Backup Services?

Traditional backup methods like external hard drives or physical storage devices are prone to failure, loss, or damage, limited storage space, and require that you manually back up the data. Backup services provided by First Choice Computers offer peace of mind with safe and secure backups. Saving you time and ensuring that your data is safe! Don't let your business fall victim to data loss! You can subscribe for remote backup solutions as frequently as twice a day!

First Choice Computers - a trusted source for networking solutions in Cambridge, Ontario

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PC Repair & Upgrades

Custom built systems to meet any needs. Servers(IBM, HP, DELL). Data Recovery, Hardware, Software and Network & Internet Consulting.

Setup & Install

Need a professional PC setup & software installation service? We are here to help you!

PC Diagnostics

Our experts can easily diagnose any computer-related issue and quickly resolve it.

Removing Viruses

When you require a guaranteed and affordable virus removal service, feel free to contact us!

System Administration

Including, Networking (LANS,WANS, Internet, Wireless), Training, Security and Phone Systems.


Creation of Both Internet & Intranet Websites. Website Evaluation and Social Media.